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Back to School with Libréa

The return to school symbolizes new beginnings. For young girls on the brink of puberty, it's more than just new textbooks and classes; it's about navigating the waters of growing up. As parents, ensuring they're prepared physically, emotionally, and environmentally is crucial. This article offers tips, enlightening facts, and introduces a specially-designed product that ensures both your daughter's comfort and the planet's wellbeing.

1. Prioritize Open Communication

Practical Tip: Make sure your daughter knows she can come to you with any questions or concerns about her changing body, ensuring she's mentally prepared for the physical transformations ahead.

Read more about this key topic in our blog article Starting the Conversation: How to Talk to Your Daughter About Menstruation .

2. Equip with Essential Knowledge

Did You Know? Informed girls, aware of their bodies and the impending changes, often carry themselves with more confidence and possess enhanced self-esteem.

Libréa's Educational Resources:

  1. Concise Leaflet: Libréa offers a 4-page leaflet tailored for girls aged 9 to 14. Moms, to get this leaflet delivered to your doorstep free of charge within 24 hours, simply email us at hi@librea.ro with the subject "I would like to receive the educative leaflet 💚".
  2. In-depth Educational Book: For those seeking a more comprehensive resource, discover an educative 32-page book on our e-shop. Authored by the Romanian NGO, Iele Sanziene, this book  explores puberty  and provides a holistic overview of various menstrual products like tampons, pads, panties, and cups. Specially curated for girls aged 11 to 14, what makes this offer even more endearing is its non-profit nature (every profit made go back to the NGO).

Practical Tip: Utilize these resources in tandem with age-appropriate books. Engage in reading sessions with your daughter, ensuring she feels confident, informed, and prepared for the transformative phase she's stepping into.

I got my period! They say it will take 40 years and I'll never know when it's coming.

3. Go Green while Preparing for Periods

Many menstrual products contribute significantly to landfill waste. Opting for eco-friendly alternatives is beneficial for the environment and often healthier for the body.

Product Highlight: The Librea Set for First Menstruation Equip your daughter with an eco-friendly solution:

  • Waterproof Pouch: Ensures discreet storage, reducing plastic waste.
  • Menstrual Hipster Panty (XXS-XXL): Reusable and made from materials safe for sensitive skin.
  • Reusable Sanitary Pad: Reduces disposable pad waste, ensuring a lighter carbon footprint.
  • Educational Non-Profit Booklet: Equips with knowledge while promoting sustainable menstruation.
  • Stylish Tote Bag: A sustainable and fashionable gift option.
  • You can find the kit here (link to website).

    4. Focus on Fit and Comfort

    Did You Know? The width between the legs of young girls' underwear is narrower. This means standard menstrual products might not always be the best fit.

    Practical Tip: When choosing menstrual products, especially for younger girls, ensure they are designed for their unique anatomy. The Libréa panty and pad are specially crafted keeping this in mind, ensuring maximum comfort.

    Back to school with Librea | Menstrual underwear made in Romania

    5. Nurture Self-Care Routines

    Did You Know? Regular self-care activities can not only boost self-confidence but also help manage menstrual discomfort.

    Practical Tip: Encourage habits like meditation, gentle exercises, and reading to help your daughter navigate menstrual cycles with ease.

    6. Build a Support System at School

    Practical Tip: Have a chat with the school nurse or a trusted teacher, ensuring they're in the loop. Keeping an extra set of clothes and menstrual products at school can also be a lifesaver.

    7. Transform & Celebrate

    Puberty, rather than being a whispered topic, should be a celebrated transition. Turn it into a joyful event, a cherished mother-daughter moment.

    Practical Tip: Consider hosting a small celebration or a "womanhood welcoming" day. Gifting her something special not only makes it memorable but emphasizes the significance and positivity of this new phase.

    Back to school with Librea menstrual panties

    In conclusion, gearing up for a new school year with a daughter entering puberty means more than just academic preparations. It's about ensuring they're equipped, comfortable, and making choices that benefit both them and the planet. With open channels of communication, informed choices, and the eco-friendly Libréa First Period Set, she's set to embrace this new chapter confidently and responsibly.

    Have a beautiful day
    Laurence & Anouk, Team Librea

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