Cele 5 sfaturi pentru a-ți planifica vacanța fără stres atunci când ești fată

The 5 tips to plan your vacation stress-free when you're a girl

My darling,

With summer in full swing and wonderful holidays in mind, we all want to enjoy this period to the fullest. I know that for many of us, planning the perfect vacation isn't just about packing - it's also about making sure we're prepared for anything, including managing your period.

So, let's share some helpful tips and help each other get ready for your 2024 vacation without any worries or hassles:

  1. Planning according to the menstrual cycle: Why do so many of us women choose to plan our vacations around our menstrual cycle? Many women choose to plan their vacations around their menstrual cycle to avoid menstrual discomfort and problems while traveling. For some, this may mean choosing destinations or activities that match their lunar phases to feel more comfortable and avoid stressful situations. It is a personal and practical choice to ensure a pleasant and carefree holiday.

    To help you plan your vacations more effectively according to your menstrual cycle, we recommend using an online menstrual cycle calendar. You can find more information and useful tips in this regard in our dedicated blog article: Top 3 menstrual calendars for tracking ovulation and menstrual cycle . This tool can help you better anticipate and manage your menstrual period while traveling and enjoy worry-free vacations.

  2. Period Survival Kit: Even with the best menstrual calendar, we know that the menstrual cycle can be unpredictable and periods can occur at any time. Hence, it is always better to be prepared with a minimum period survival kit in your luggage. Replacing your packs of fluorescent pink tampons with a pair of menstrual swim briefs is a great choice - they're not only more stylish and comfortable, but also much more practical. Plus, these reusable underwear products are discreet in your suitcase and can be used even when you're not on your period (which a pack of fluorescent pink tampons isn't :)). To complete this survival kit, a pack of vitamin C and magnesium can help keep your mood and energy levels high, ensuring you're ready for any adventure! We recommend a small guide with different formulas based on essential oils and medicinal plants for:

  3. Bag upgrade: A waterproof bag is an essential accessory for transporting dirty or wet swim trunks. Be sure to take the time to organize your luggage so that you have everything you need close at hand.

  4. Open communication: Don't hesitate to talk to your partner about your travel plans and how you feel about your period. Although it may seem like an embarrassing topic, you'll be surprised at how understanding and supportive your partner can be.

  5. Relax and enjoy: Don't forget that vacation is about relaxing and having fun! Even though menstruation can bring some challenges, try to focus on the positive side and enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Bottom line, planning a stress-free period vacation is possible with a little organization and preparation. So take your time to prepare, then relax and enjoy your 2024 vacation to the fullest!

With love and good thoughts,


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