Înotul în timpul menstruației este posibil !

Forget that you are menstruating , let yourself be guided by the advantages of this menstrual brief.

  • Easy : Everything becomes easy with this all-in-one solution guaranteed to be stain-free . It is no longer necessary to plan your vacations around your period.
  • Healthy : Give yourself a healthy alternative to tampons when you're afraid to use them or don't want to use them for medical reasons.
  • Discreet : Eliminates the inconvenience of protruding tampon threads using ultra-thin absorbent protection.
Discover the Menstrual Brief

How does the menstrual brief work?

A truly effective innovation!

All layers offer invisible protection built directly into the swim brief. This protection remains invisible even after you leave the water.

  • 1. Drainage layer

    To direct the flow to the heart of the swimsuit.

  • 2. Absorbent & waterproof layer

    To maintain menstrual flow and prevent leakage and spotting.

  • 3. UV protection

    Enjoy the sun, the polyamide fabric protects you from UV rays.

When and how to use it?

Its use differs depending on the time of your cycle.

You can use it yourself :

  • for an easy menstrual flow ;
  • at the beginning or end of the cycle , for the least abundant days;
  • in case of spotting;
  • to prevent menstruation , especially if you have irregular cycles (don't worry, it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your luggage.)

In addition to internal protection (menstrual cup or tampon):

  • for the heaviest days of the cycle if you have an average or heavy menstrual flow;
  • if the periods are hemorrhagic ;

There is no need to change your menstrual bathing suit every time after swimming.

Remember that the brief can absorb the equivalent of a tampon !