Compose your ideal pack of menstrual panties as you wish and save up to 20%!

You can choose several models of menstrual panties, in different sizes and absorbency levels, for yourself or your girlfriends, thus saving up to 20%!

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I want to know everything about this custom pack

How do I choose my size and flow?

In your pack, you have the possibility to combine different levels of absorbency to always have panties adapted to your flow and needs, depending on the days of your cycle! We recommend absorption:

  • Abundant: For your heavy days (usually day 2 and 3) or for light urine leakage
  • Moderate: For a light to normal cycle
  • Menstrual thong: for the beginning and end of menstruation, but also for vaginal discharge

To find the right size for you, see the size guide.

How many pairs of menstrual panties do I need for a full cycle?

For a pack that covers an entire cycle - and therefore to avoid the need to buy classic menstrual protection for 3 to 5 years - our customers recommend at least 5 pairs of panties.

If you don't want to worry about washing/drying your panties, then go for 7-8 panties. Therefore, we advise you to mix the streams and add to the pack:

  • 3 panties with "Abundant" absorption for the first 2 days + one night,
  • 3 panties with "Moderate" absorption for the middle of the menstrual period
  • 1 menstrual thong for the last day of menstruation

Which models should I choose to make up my pack?

Classic panties or thongs, bamboo, microfiber, black or colored, all our Libréa models can be included in your personalized pack .

It's your choice to decide the number, color and absorbency of your period panties!

I can't decide

Don't panic, we also thought about those who don't want to choose. Discover here our page with special offers where you will find the 4 basic sets :

  • The set of 1 pair of panties + 1 reusable absorbent pad
  • The set of 3 classic panties + 1 wash net
  • The set of 5 classic panties + 1 waterproof cover
  • The educational kit for teenage girls to accompany them during their first period

How can I save money with the personalized pack of Librea menstrual panties?

Compose your pack of Libréa menstrual panties and save! Depending on the number of panties ordered, you can benefit from discounts between 10 and 20% .

  • For an order of 3 to 4 panties , get a 10% discount.
  • For an order of 5 to 6 panties , get a 15% discount.
  • For an order of 7 panties and more , you get a 20% discount.

Promo codes cannot be combined with custom packs.

How can I get discounts on my order?

  1. Discover with joy our menstrual panties made in Europe. Click here to see all the products included in the offer!
  2. Add all the products you like to the cart
  3. The discount is automatically applied to the basket as soon as there is a minimum of 3, 5 or 7 pairs of panties!
  4. The offer cannot be combined with classic promotional packages or temporary discounts.

What products are included in this offer?

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