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Menstrual hipsters

Available in two variants: medium and heavy flow, this hipster model combines coverage and discretion under clothes, adapting perfectly to your movements. Up to 12 hours of absorption without leakage or feeling wet.

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Set 100% feminin | 3 chiloți + 1 gentuță impermeabilă Libréa

Your ideal school ally

Waterproof bag

Teens can keep their pair of menstrual panties clean in a discreet waterproof pouch in their purse.

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Set cadou prima menstruatie Libréa

Not for profit

Educational brochure

An educational brochure created by the Iele-Sânziene Association to support young people going through the changes of puberty. All information in this brochure has been verified by a gynecologist.

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Set cadou prima menstruatie Libréa

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First menstruation gift set

1. A Pair of Menstrual Hipster Panties (XXS-XXL)
2. A Non-Profit Educational Brochure

3. A Reusable Absorbent : Reduces waste, guaranteeing a reduced carbon footprint.
4. A waterproof bag
5. Everything in a cute little bag ♡: A fashionable and durable gift option.

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Set cadou prima menstruatie Libréa

What if... your period could be a superpower?

Say goodbye to inconvenient plastic products and welcome to a stylish and environmentally friendly solution. Download our FREE guide to help your daughter understand and enjoy the power of periods!

Libréa offers a 4-page leaflet for girls aged 11-15. Click to send us a quick email with your daughter's age 👇 Receive the file on your email address in 24 hours.

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