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First menstruation gift set

First menstruation gift set

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I got my period! They say it will last 40 years and I will never know when it comes... 😭 Libréa and Iele Sânziene team up to create a durable and comfortable gift.

  • A pair of period hipsters,
  • a reusable pad,
  • an educational brochure and
  • a waterproof bag,
  • all in one cute little bag!

For more tips, discover our blog for teenagers and their mothers !

  • Reuse for 3 years, don't waste 12K pads
  • You stay healthy, toxin-free
  • Without having to buy absorbent pads
Reusable Pad (Flux)
Menstrual Hipsters | Bamboo | Moderate - High Absorption (Size)
Menstrual Hipsters | Bamboo | Moderate - High Absorption (Flux)
See Size Chart 👆

I wish you success at school!

  • Buy without worry! 35 days for refund
  • Delivery in 2 days

Why do we love it?

  • For mothers:
    Do you have a teenage daughter? Going through the experience of your first period together? This journey doesn't have to be complicated!
  • We present to you the Kit for the first period, created by mothers who have already gone through this process. We are here to provide practical support for you and your daughter.
  • Characteristics:
    1/Bamboo exterior. Soft and comfortable organic cotton interior for your daughter's sensitive intimate area. No chemicals!
    2/Local production in Romania, promoting sustainability
    3/Reusable for years, reducing waste and saving money
  • Tips for school:
    Teens can keep their pair of period panties clean in a discreet waterproof pouch in their purse.
    She can wear the Libréa menstrual underwear before her period starts, avoiding unpleasant surprises. This thin underwear (with a thickness of less than 3 mm) is invisible under any outfit and guarantees 0 irritation, unlike traditional absorbents. 😉

  • For teenage girls:
    Hi, we're here to help! Are you a teenage girl about to start the journey of your first period? We want to accompany you and make this experience easier for you.
  • Because menstruation should not be a taboo subject, we want to support young women going through the changes of puberty! That's why, with the help of the non-profit association Iele Sânziene, we created an educational brochure entitled "Puberty and first menstruation". All information in this brochure has been verified by a gynecologist!

  • Iele-Sânziene is a feminist non-profit organization, active since the beginning of 2020, that develops sustainable menstrual and puberty education projects for young people.


Our teenage girls set includes:

  • a bamboo menstrual hipster
  • a reusable pad
  • a waterproof bag
  • 1 cute bag which can also be used to store your period underwear! At libréa, we only choose ecological and reusable packaging. 🌱
  • an educational brochure entitled "Puberty and the first period"In the approximately 30 pages we talk simply and openly about:
  1. Specific changes at puberty for females and males
  2. The female and male reproductive system
  3. First menstruation and menstrual cycle
  4. Hygiene and menstrual products.

The booklet cover was created by Libréa.

How to use?

With Libréa, stay 100% zen with minimal effort!

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Librea chiloti menstruali ultra inovatoare

4 layers that protect you

Ultra-innovative materials: guarantee efficiency . In the absorption standards certification process, Libréa passed 37 absorption tests, on 27 prototypes, using 20 different fabrics!

How do we take care of them?

1. Rinse the underwear in cold water and then wring it out slowly.

2. Put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and choose the program for delicate linen. Wash similar colors together.

3. Dry the Librea panties outdoors or in a warm place! Excessive heat can damage fabric fibers.