Experienţa mea cu chiloții menstruali

My experience with menstrual panties

We've tried the Libréa underwear and put together a menstrual underwear guide.

Well, that time of the month has arrived. More or less expected, it appeared with the whole package: cramps, headaches, anxiety states, increased flow and especially craving for sweets. Good morning! A new day in the life of a woman. While contemplating the reasons why we women are subjected month after month to this torment called menstruation, I remembered that I have a pair of menstrual underwear in my closet. I have to admit, tampons and I have a very special relationship, and to be honest, it was pretty hard for me that morning to choose to 'take a risk' - so I thought at the time, instead of staying in my comfort zone. However, I felt bold and said to myself – “No! Today we're trying something new."

Said and done.

I tried it the first time Libréa menstrual underwear and I couldn't believe how they felt

I tried Librea menstrual underwear for the first time and I couldn't believe how they felt Elena is wearing size M menstrual panties.

I say this because even from the time I received them until I put them in the washing machine before the first use, I was amazed at the quality of the material and how much they resembled a regular pair of knickers, as if they weren't -I could believe they were so comfortable. But once I put them on, I was pleasantly surprised to feel, or rather – not feel any difference. Due to the loose shape and the lack of seams, they didn't irritate me at all, and what's more, being made of bamboo fibers, they are very comfy.

At first, I was careful – was I going to stain myself?

Somehow, even though I trusted the brand, the first hour was full of questions about period panties. Did I stain myself? Am I going to stain myself? I often went to the bathroom to check if anything happened and, surprise, nothing. Everything clean. After the first few hours of wearing them I simply forgot it was that time of the month. The feeling they gave me was one that was hard to match with classic menstrual protection methods.

So, after this experience, I thought it would be good to share with you a little guide on how to use menstrual panties and especially how to care for them.

Depending on your needs and the flow you have, you'll need one, two, or three pairs

We are all so different that there is no perfect recipe when it comes to periods. Some of us have been luckier and have light flow, while other women have heavy flow on all days of their period. Therefore, depending on the flow you know you have, you will have to decide for yourself how many pairs you need. Libréa menstrual underwear offers up to 12 hours of protection and the absorption is equivalent to 3-4 regular pads for the pair dedicated to a heavy cycle. On the first day of my period, I used two pairs, one that I wore from morning to evening, and the second one I wore overnight, after the bath.

After using them, they must be hand-washed

To avoid any kind of leakage in the washing machine, it is ideal to rinse them first and make sure you wring them well. At the same time, my recommendation is to wash them before the first use for reasons of hygiene. Don't worry, it's not as dirty as you think. Also, the recommendation is not to dry them in the dryer, but to let them dry naturally, in the air, so as not to alter their absorption properties.

After using them, they must be hand-washed Libreria A little tip, you can wash it in the washing machine with our washing bag

At first it will be difficult to break away from old protection methods, so take it easy

Because we've gotten used to certain methods over time that seem safe to us, it can be difficult to make a sudden switch to period underwear. But I'm sure you'll quickly become friends with your new panties and slowly become inseparable - at home, at work, on trips or when doing sports.

This was my experience with the Libréa menstrual underwear and I'm sure you're curious to try them too. Allow yourself to be free and get rid of the worries of menstruation. You deserve.


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