Cele mai bune sfaturi pentru a profita de vară în timpul menstruației

Top tips for enjoying summer while on your period

Ah, who doesn't love summer... Pleasant weather, longer days, tan, vacations...

However, as pleasant as the heat and vacation at the sea are, the appearance of menstruation in this context can be as unpleasant. That's only if you don't apply our tips to have a clean and safe period during the summer.

No, you don't need to look for a solution to delay your period. Let nature do its thing and love your body for the way it works. And if you take into account our recommendations, menstruation in the summer will no longer seem like a torment.

Prepare for your period before you go on vacation

Before you reach for tampons, pads or menstrual cups, think about whether you'll have access to a clean bathroom during your trip. Will you have the privacy you want to take care of yourself the way you need?

If the answer is: "I'm not sure...", you could consider a sustainable and mega comfortable option: Librea menstrual panties.

Menstrual panties or menstrual underwear provide safe hygiene. Reusable menstrual underwear Libréa offers you maximum protection, without smell or feeling of humidity. Thus, you can pack a few pairs of menstrual panties in your luggage, you can change anywhere in a few seconds and get rid of tampons and absorbent pads.

Prepare for your period before you go into labor Libreria Go on vacation with peace of mind with our special holiday collection.

However, the decision to use what you want is entirely yours. 😊

Once you've decided which menstrual hygiene items you'll be taking with you in your backpack, you can make a 'go kit', i.e. a travel bag to carry the menstrual products and a waste bag to carry the items used.

Then he adds the following:

  • Hand sanitizer (small bottle)
  • Wet wipes or toilet paper removed from the cardboard roll (to take up less space)
  • Biodegradable soap (small amount for washing hands and underwear).

I got my period at the beach! What I do?

  1. Don't panic, your vacation is not ruined.
  2. Accept that you may experience some abdominal pain, headaches, and other period-specific symptoms.
  3. Take a swim in the sea. "But I can't go in the water when I'm on my period!"- you might say.

Well you can!

The magic solution is… the menstrual bathing suit !

It's safe, chic, perfect for days with lighter menstrual flow (at the beginning and end of your period) and can also be worn on heavy flow days as an additional protection to your internal protection (such as a menstrual cup or organic tampon).

And what's better than feeling comfortable and safe when you're on your period? - Be at sea. Double win. 😊

I got my period at sea! What I do? | Libreria Maria wears her Libréa medium flow briefs on the beach, she does M

There is a myth among Romanians that it is not advisable to swim or enter the water when you are menstruating. But, it's more than okay if you do! It can help reduce cramps and bloating. It is safe to swim during your period and does not increase the risk of infection. And if you wear a tampon while swimming, make sure you change it after you get out of the water.

Then there are some "secrets" that can make you enjoy summer to the fullest, even on your period. Here's what they are:

1. Hydrate yourself! Hydrate yourself! Hydrate yourself!

Well, it is very important to keep a bloated stomach at bay during your period, which can affect your digestive system and cause excessive cramping, gas or constipation. To beat bloating, drink at least 9-10 glasses of fluid daily.

If you have it on hand, drink coconut water. Not only does this taste great, but it's also super period-friendly. Plus, coconut water is hydrating and full of electrolytes that ease nagging pain and boost your immunity.

2. Prepare some medicine

Used in moderation and (mostly, but most!) as directed by your doctor, some medications can relieve your menstrual pain and symptoms.

Here's what you could take with you:

  • Antacids for bloating
  • A pain reliever for cramps, depending on what works for you and what your doctor recommends
  • Washcloth, to soak it in cold water and put it on the forehead or basin
  • Skin clearing masks and acne patches for hormonal breakouts.

Wear loose clothing | Libreria If you want to alternate between the Libréa menstrual swimsuit and your favorite swimsuit, you can opt for the menstrual cup.

3. Wear loose clothing

Comfort is the best choice, ladies and gentlemen!

Wear cool, airy clothes that don't stick to your body. Choose cotton clothes so you can feel comfortable and cool.

4. Be active!

It is very important to be active during your period. You can choose from yoga exercises, brisk walking or moderate cardio exercises. But, cut back on strenuous exercise like weight lifting so you avoid overexertion.

5. Maintain proper personal hygiene!

It is crucial to have proper hygiene during menstruation (all the time, but especially in summer) to avoid vaginal rashes and irritation caused by moisture retention and sweat.

6. Make room for emotions

By the way, if you tend to experience heightened emotions around or during your period, allow yourself to feel those feelings! It's perfectly normal to cry or feel upset . The ride is already uncomfortable, so you have double the right to feel frustrated. You don't have to smile the whole trip. You decide what each day looks like, and none of it has to be Instagram-worthy.

The vacation is yours.

Maintain proper personal hygiene! Dare to enjoy your summer vacation even when you're on your period!

7. Choose what to focus on

While you're riding the physical rollercoaster of menstruation, it can help to keep one foot grounded in reality, though. You probably won't remember how bloated you were, or laugh about it later, but you will. remember watching a beautiful sunset with your partner or having a great conversation with a new friend in the hotel lobby.

Ultimately, no one has the right to tell you how to travel but you (well, and the social norms of where you are).

Maintain proper menstrual hygiene, be in touch with your emotions and enjoy every summer day to the fullest.

You deserve!


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