4 remedii naturale | Libréa x Madalina Ulmeanu

4 natural remedies | Libréa x Madalina Ulmeanu

Even if we equip ourselves with the best hygienic protection during menstruation, it happens that this period of the month is not the most pleasant. Cramps, heavy flow, fatigue, mood swings... and the list goes on!

But we have good news for you! There are effective and especially NATURAL remedies that help you feel better this time of the month, thanks to essential oils and medicinal plants.

They do! Although generally little known to the general public, essential oils and herbs have numerous therapeutic virtues that should not be overlooked.

That's why we decided to meet Mădălina Ulmeanu, an expert in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, graduated from the Sorbonne University of Medicine - Paris Nord, who recommends a small guide with different formulas based on essential oils and medicinal plants for:

  • Relieving menstrual pain
  • Combating heavy (and painful) menstruation.
  • Avoiding mood swings
  • teen

So let's get started!


When we have period pain, we tend to mechanically massage our abdomen to soothe it. And you do the same? It's a great reflex! Therefore, here is the formula of a massage oil that you can make yourself at home based on essential oils, with spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to make your massage even more effective.

You need:

  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Roman chamomile essential oil
  • Macadamia vegetable oil
  • A dosing bottle with pipette

PS: the dropper used in this formula is the dropper of Florame essential oil bottles, ECO certified, available on www.naturalparis.ro.


Pour 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil into the dropper bottle, then add 30 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil, then top up with macadamia vegetable oil to the 15ml mark on the bottle.

How to use:

Apply 10 drops of the mixture 4-6 times a day on the abdomen during the first 3 days of the cycle. You will see, the results are extraordinary! And anyway, you'd find any excuse for a massage, right?

There are also other natural ways to relieve menstrual pain: Mădălina ULMEANU recommends additionally:

  • Evening primrose capsules 10 days before menstruation
  • Tincture of white dead nettle or nettle tincture
  • Or in gemotherapy, the extract from raspberry buds.

Madalina explains the benefits of essential oils


Do you have heavy periods and this bothers you? Did you know that PHYTOTHERAPY can help you regulate your menstrual flow?

Here are the TOP 3 herbs to combat heavy menstruation (PS: they also work in case of pain):


Medicinal plant that acts on:

  • Painful, heavy, irregular menstruation
  • Leukorrhea (white discharge)
  • Water retention
  • Urinary disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders


Medicinal plant known for its beneficial action on:

  • Uterine hemorrhages
  • Painful and profuse menstruation
  • fibroid
  • Blood circulation in general


Medicinal plant known for:

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle
  • Pain and heavy bleeding
  • Regulation of digestion

NB: the dietary supplements listed here are ECO certified and manufactured by Herbiolys France laboratories. You can find them on www.naturalparis.ro

How to use:

Adults: 20 drops in the morning and evening directly under the tongue or diluted in a little plain water. To be taken outside the tables. To be effective, it is ideal to carry out the cure for 3 months, with a therapeutic window of one week per month. Even if the symptoms disappear quickly, it is preferable to take the cure until the end to establish the balance of the body in the long term.

Don't know what a therapeutic window is either? Don't panic, we'll explain. A therapeutic window is the temporary interruption of a treatment (in this case a week) to avoid habituation of the body and therefore a lower effectiveness of the treatment. So follow it to get desired results ;)

Precautions for use:

Always seek the advice of your doctor or specialist in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of small children. These are not medicines but food supplements and cannot replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Madalina talks about the medicinal plants to use in case of heavy periods.

3. AVOIDANCE OF Mood swings

Many women experience unwanted mood swings either before their period (premenstrual syndrome) or during their period. They feel sad, angry for no reason, so you don't have to provoke them! But what if we told you that there are essential oils that help you fight anxiety, nervousness and sleep disorders? WOW!

For this, you would need:

  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Bitter Orange Leaf Essential Oil
  • Marjoram essential oil

PS: All these products are available on www.naturalparis.ro.

There are several ways to use it, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

1-Atmospheric diffusion using an electric diffuser

Add to an electric nebulizer diffuser:

  • 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 5 drops of bitter orange leaf essential oil
  • 5 drops of marjoram essential oil

Then diffuse using the electric diffuser for 15 minutes or, on request, in multiple 15-minute sessions.

2- Pure skin application, as an emergency gesture

Apply 2 drops of bitter orange leaf essential oil to each wrist, rubbing in well. To apply 4-6 times, for 48 hours.

3- Dry inhalation

Put 2-3 drops of one of the 3 essential oils above and inhale several times during the day.

If you want to know more, Mădălina also recommends passionflower tincture. Add 20 drops of passionflower tincture to a little plain water, twice a day, outside of meals. This medicinal plant has therapeutic virtues that can reduce anxiety, nervousness, sleep disorders, but also helps to calm muscle spasms and neuralgic pains. A real gem!

Madalina explains essential oils to avoid mood swings during menstruation.


Here, we will talk about the extract of raspberry buds (rubus idaeus) without alcohol. It is an ideal medicinal plant during puberty, helping to regulate menstrual flow and soothe menstrual pain in young girls.

How to use:

Add 8 drops of alcohol-free raspberry bud extract to a little plain water, twice a day (morning and evening) outside of meals.

To be effective, perform a 3-month course with a therapeutic window of one week per month.

Mădălina talks about the medicinal plant to regulate menstrual flow and relieve menstrual pain.
Now you have all the information at your fingertips to use your own natural remedies, tailored to your needs! Try them out and let us know what you think!


Madalina Ulmeanu x Libréa


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