Drumeții cu Menstruație!

Menstruation Hiking: Conquer the Mountains, No Matter the Season!

Master mountain hiking during your period! From eco-friendly disposal tips to menstrual gear, hit the trails with confidence.

1. The Challenges of Hiking During Menstruation

a. Physical Challenges

Menstruation can often mean cramps, bloating and fatigue. These symptoms can make strenuous activities like hiking a little more difficult. But with the right attitude and preparation, you can get through it.

b. Waste Management

Our environment is precious. So how can you ensure you're responsibly disposing of sanitary products in the wild? We have some eco-friendly solutions next!

c. Change and Refresh On the Road

It's not always easy to find a place to refresh yourself on the trail. Let's see how to maintain your personal hygiene and comfort while hiking.

Hiking with Librea Batrana Peak with Librea : Feel protected and confident during your intense sports activities!

2. A Personal Story: Hiking in "Those Days"

" On my last hike in the mountains of Romania (Vârful Bătrâna, Vârful Omu and Peștera), it was essential to prepare. Just as I was about to start, my period appeared.

But with the Libréa menstrual panties on hand, I felt prepared. On heavy flow days, a single pair with high absorbency was sufficient. I wore three different types in two days depending on my flow and needs.

To manage the used pairs, I had a waterproof bag with me. When we came across a stream, I took the opportunity to rinse them. Seat to Summit soap bars were my quick hygiene fix throughout the trip. I felt dry, comfortable and without irritation.

For me it's clear: with the right equipment, you can fully enjoy the adventure, regardless of "those days!" "

Menstruation Hiking: Conquer the Mountains, Regardless of Period with Librea

Good luck with Librea

My hiking story from September 2023.

Detail of my backpack: Simond backpack; Mammut waterproof mountain jackets; Salewa shoes; Forclaz sleeping bag; Thermarest tent; menstrual panties Libréa ; The North Face Mountain Trekking Cap; " BineBoutique " pharmacy kit; Jetboil stove; Opinel knife; Water filtration Steripen - Befree; Freeze-dried foods Supa Forclaz ; Bear spray.

3. Prepared and Equipped Correctly

a. The Power of Menstrual Panties

With options like the Libréa, you can tackle hikes without fear of spills. They are lightweight, reliable and made for different levels of flow. They are made of bamboo, antibacterial material, breathable and very comfortable!

b. Waterproof Bags: Essential

Keep used panties in these bags to keep your backpack clean. When you find a river, use it to quickly rinse them off.

c. Quick Cleaning

Keep soap bars handy. They are lifesavers when you need a quick refresher.

4. Tips from the Professionals

Cristina, an experienced mountain guide, also relies on menstrual panties on her hikes. Want some professional advice? Read her testimonial for more tips.

5. Extra Pants: To Take or Not?

An extra pair of lightweight pants can provide peace of mind, but period panties significantly reduce the risk of leakage. So, trust the things you have prepared and go with confidence!

Concluding Thoughts

Ladies, our monthly cycle shouldn't stop us from hitting the trails. Equip yourself properly, trust the things you have prepared for you and always respect Nature.

What do you say? Do you have any tried-and-tested tricks for hiking while on your period? Our ears are pricked up. Happy hiking!

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