Echilibrul între sustenabilitate și confort

The Road to Zero Waste: Why Comfort Shouldn't be Compromised

Cross your arms the other way.

Give it a try now.

How does it feel? 🙉 It feels strange, doesn't it?

Changing your habits is the hardest thing there is. Better be aware of it! As you change your habits towards a better version of yourself, it can be helpful to identify what brings you positive value. This will help you along the way.

As we become more aware of environmental issues, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. However, in our pursuit of zero waste, we often forget about our comfort and convenience. In this post, we will discuss why comfort should not be compromised when we make the switch to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Comfort is Key

When we decide to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, we often make changes that can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. For example, we may switch to DIY detergents or start composting, both of which can require some getting used to. It's important to remember that our comfort is key to our well-being and that, without comfort, you will very soon drop any positive initiatives you have started.

Finding the Right Balance

The key to a successful zero-waste lifestyle is to find a balance between sustainability and comfort. For example, if you find it uncomfortable to use a menstrual cup, you can try using reusable menstrual pads instead. Similarly, if you find it difficult to give up single-use plastic bags, you can try using reusable bags made from more comfortable materials like cotton or canvas. By finding the right balance between sustainability and comfort, you can create a zero-waste lifestyle that works for you.

Finding the Right Balance

Prioritizing Comfort

To stay true to yourself, look for products and solutions that are not only sustainable but also comfortable and convenient. If you have 2 very small kids, taking the bike may seem like too much of a challenge. It's a long ride, no need to get squeamish ;) However turning off the lights in empty rooms and encouraging your family members to do the same is already a first step!

At Libréa, we empower women through sustainable AND comfortable period products. Did you know that comfort is the main reason why our panties are seamless and made from bamboo fabrics that feel amazingly soft to the touch?


In conclusion, the road to zero waste is not always easy, by finding the right balance between sustainability and comfort, we can create a lifestyle that suits us and that we can continue over time. Remember to take it positively and comfortably to give yourself the best chance!

What is the next habit you will shake up? And how?


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