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My daughter started her period, anecdotes and ideas between mothers

Congratulations! You have found the best solution to cope with this physical and emotional change by choosing menstrual underwear for your daughter!

If you have questions about how to proceed, in this article you will find my experience and inspired ideas from our community. 😊


All girls remember precisely the moment when they had their first period and the circumstances in which it happened. Does it happen to you too? I was in high school and that day I felt completely helpless. I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to prepare my daughter when the time for her first period came...

Boom! It turned 9 years old and I started thinking about it seriously. I didn't know how to approach this topic yet.

Then a friend told me about the workshop "cycloshow-xy" which talks about puberty in girls. "Great, my daughter will discover everything I wanted to know about menstrual cycles"…

My daughter was very excited. The workshop was a success. I was saved!

If you are interested in this type of workshop, leave us a comment! We are thinking of proposing it. ☺️


The day he said "Mom, I think they've arrived", I was calm, the famous workshop was still fresh in our minds, everything was under control!

As for our knowledge, it was clear that we were experts!

In terms of practice, it wasn't as obvious... I hadn't had a period for a few years thanks to the hormonal IUD. Panic on board! The shelves of feminine products in the supermarket seemed inappropriate to me.

I called my sister! He told me about a new "hyper mega brilliant" solution: menstrual underwear... 0 chemicals, very comfortable and reusable!

And it all started...


Even though I thought it was "just like regular underwear" and "simple as hell," I understood that it was important to spend time explaining to my daughter how to use period underwear.

She wasn't a teenager yet, but she was starting to act like one: she was very reckless, often rebelled and didn't really take care of her personal hygiene...

So I always reminded her of the ground rules... In fact, I remind her of the rules every month!

    1. Always be prepared: Your period doesn't always come home... So I always check to see if she has a pair of period panties or a reusable menstrual pad in her backpack. She also always has a waterproof bag with her that she can use to store her protection after use (if she needs to change during the day).
    2. Have good hygiene: Her flow wasn't very heavy, so she tended to wear the same pair of period panties from 7am until bedtime... I reminded her that it's best to change every 12 hours, to avoid the development of bacteria. He has acquired the good habit of changing as soon as he gets home from school.


Two stories to start:

      1. I found her dry panties under the bed and in the tub many times. They waited patiently for someone to come and save them. #paințiepuizați
      2. "Not recommended for the sensitive": I even found a pair of period panties half-rinsed in a sink on Halloween Eve, I thought it was a skit set up for the next day!

Finally, it was time to get serious, I asked her if she was reluctant to wash her period panties, and the answer was "yes"! However, good maintenance is the key secret to making the pair of menstrual panties last over time.

Here is how I established the washing routine and especially the rinsing routine, which is essential:

    1. I said, "It is no dirtier than an article of clothing stained with blood from a wound."
    2. We rinsed together, insisting on using cold water, and dramatized the situation a bit!
    3. We established a plan B, which quickly became her favorite routine. She has a bucket of water in the bathroom and puts her used panties in as soon as she changes.
      1. Every couple of days, I empty the bucket and put the panties in the washing machine.
      2. They dry by the end of the cycle, even in winter when drying can take longer.
      3. The bucket is removed at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and is stored at the end of the cycle under the sink. I have a clear conscience because this way a minimal amount of water is used for rinsing :)


"Now you know everything" I told him! That's how she became independent with her panties.

Looking back, I'm glad I got past that stage (and survived!). This inspires me for the next stages of her life as a woman…

Until then, I am so happy that she started her period with an extremely comfortable and reliable solution, and the period does not seem to be a problem for her: she is very sporty and, unlike me when I was younger , do not interrupt your physical activities on those days! She doesn't use tampons (they're too painful to insert), but she continues to swim thanks to her menstrual bathing suit.

I wish you to live this stage with the same ease and complicity that I have today with my daughter. If you want a concrete helping hand, discover the educational brochure written by the wonderful association Iele Sanziene, which will give you an excellent basis!

A good day,



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