Ele au testat lenjeria intimă menstruală. Află ce păreri au!

They tested period underwear. Find out what they think!

As with any new (and revolutionary) product, there is reluctance to try it. Maybe a little fear, but also more curiosity. And in our experience so far, we've noticed that some women are held back from trying menstrual panties.

But a customer talking about their experience with a particular brand is worth ten times more than what the brand writes or says about itself. It is precisely on this principle that we have built this article, to show you what Libréa customers say about their experience with menstrual panties (menstrual panties reviews).

Let's begin!

Reviews collected from Google and our official website ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We are super, super proud of the fact that we have 4.9 out of 5 stars for our period panties. Our customers particularly appreciated the following aspects:

Libréa menstrual panties are comfortable:

"Super satisfied! Easy to order, prompt delivery and the panties are fantastic! I bought a second pair! They are very comfortable, you don't get dirty! I even forget that I'm on my period with them ;) I gave up tampons and absorbents! I only use panties or a menstrual cup! Librea, I recommend it to all girls and women! Thank you" – patatina1100 ·

"I'll tell you honestly, I'm incredibly excited!!

1. They are the most comfortable panties I have worn so far. (I have the normal ones/without lace for abundant and medium flow)

2. I was sure that my flow would not be affected by anything, but after a night and a day (the first day of menstruation) the panties really did not disappoint me. Nothing passed by. There were moments when it felt wet, but be patient as it absorbs absolutely everything.

3. Be brave and try so you won't regret it!! I've already convinced my friends to try it too:) For Libréa, I don't know what magic you use, but you've earned my respect!"- Sonia Bușe

Libréa menstrual panties are comfortable Diana is happy to wear period panties, "they're so comfortable I forget I'm on my period". She wears them in size S.

Libréa is freedom:

"Libréa started out of the desire to bring a little comfort in a critical time. Now it's what I prefer these days when I need confidence, gentleness and simplicity! It also became the end of a family taboo. The freedom to make my day the way I want, regardless of the period of my cycle! Thanks to the inspired designers behind these amazing panties!” – Emilie Lefebvre ·

"very comfortable and safe, I am completely satisfied with them and the fact that I got rid of absorbents with plastic content, the skin breathes and is no longer irritated. thank you!" - Andra Popescu

Libréa offers very good protection, 0 leaks and 100% reliability:

“I found them super helpful, especially at night when most 'accidents' happen with regular pads. With the Libréa menstrual underwear, the protection stayed in place and worked perfectly. I swatched all over – zero leaks and zero crumpled absorbent from the movements. It really gives you an increased sense of freedom and comfort.” – Madalina

"I have very heavy flow due to endometriosis, the first two days are quite difficult; I used the panties along with a menstrual cup and had no leakage, it's much more comfortable than using a tampon because I can clean my cup every now and then as many times as needed and go about my day without the unpleasant feeling of having something extra or showing through my panties. Very happy with this experience!" - Carla

Libréa means increased comfort:

"Libréa menstrual panties are superior to any external absorbent. They mold firmly to the body, and you don't have to worry about them sliding to one side during movements. In addition, they are very comfortable and give you a sense of security and cope with any flow brilliantly." - Alina

"With Libréa menstrual panties, everything becomes extremely comfortable and simple - you can forget that you are at that time of the month. I am an active person, I like the days spent in nature, I ride a lot by bike and go on mountain trips. This product is extraordinary in terms of comfort, hygiene and convenience. In addition, the quality of the product is remarkable, the material in contact with the skin being super fine and elastic."- Ioana

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of Libréa menstrual panties Diana wears menstrual panties made in Romania in size S.

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the Libréa menstrual panties:

"I warmly recommend libréa menstrual panties. I have three pairs and I am very satisfied. Quality material and cut, easy to wash by hand or machine. Since I've been using them, just the panty, or paired with an ob tampon in case of very heavy flow, I'm no longer stressed about staining my clothes." - Anna Maria

"I have used the product about 6 times until now. It is extremely comfortable, easy to wash (the material did not shrink, did not change its color or texture after washing). For me it was ideal especially at night and in the first days of menstruation. I like that it has a medium waist and keeps me comfortable around my stomach, when I feel more bloated. In addition, it gives me the certainty that it is much healthier to use than the other products I was using and from an environmental and cost-saving point of view, it is ideal." - Alexandra

"Libréa menstrual underwear is very comfortable and safe. The material is of high quality and does not feel wet (even if it is). If you are worried about the abundant leakages, believe me, it copes with them brilliantly, without getting dirty with a single drop. Excellent quality/price ratio, especially since it is the only company in Romania that produces such a product. You have to try them! - Alina Pascal

And these are not all reviews. If you want to read more period panties reviews, go to Google, type "Libréa" into the search bar and see for yourself. Our customers are very satisfied, and this makes us incredibly happy. Now we feel that all our work is well worth it. :)

What's stopping you from trying them?


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