De unde să cumpăr chiloți menstruali?

Where can I buy menstrual panties?

Although menstrual panties are a relatively new topic for Romanian women, some have heard about these wonderful products (maybe even you!), and now they are wondering where it would be best to buy them.

If you also want to find out what options are available to you, here you will find all the information you need. :)

Period panties first appeared in 1988

Surprising, right? Obviously not to the same quality standards as menstrual panties from today, but we have to admit that it was a revolutionary step.

In 1967, a woman named Gladys Ruppel Williams created a so-called "protective skirt" (made of a waterproof material) to protect your clothes from stains when you're on your period.

The "real" period panties came out in 1988, and where else if not in…. China. Underwear back then had 2 layers of material, in the middle of which was a piece of flexible, non-toxic foil. In 1995 another company in China patented a pair of menstrual panties that also included a leak-proof lining.

And from here... everything took on a different dynamic.

Companies appeared on the market that focused exclusively on the creation of menstrual underwear, combining innovation with the opportunities associated with it. The demand for such products is constantly increasing. And we are not at all surprised by this. Reusable underwear and reusable pads have a lot of benefits for women.

As for Romania...we at Libréa are very proud to say that we are the first brand of menstrual panties and textile absorbents that produces 100% in Romania. Absolutely all our products are manufactured locally because we want to offer Romanians products of a superior quality. :)

Pretty cool, isn't it?

And now that we've briefly reviewed the history of menstrual panties, you're probably wondering where to buy them.

You can buy period panties online

You can buy menstrual panties online | Libreria Presentation of our website.

Being a relatively new product, menstrual underwear is mostly sold online, either on DNVB websites ("digital native vertical brand" - i.e. a brand that was born online and sells its products on its own website), so such as Librea, or in the marketplace (such as Emag).

A simple Google search for "menstrual panties" or "menstrual panties reviews" will show you the sites where you can purchase these products. However, we highly recommend that you check the country of origin and the materials from which the menstrual panties are made as they are good indicators of quality. Here you have more details about the criteria they should meet.


And if you go directly to the Marketplace, you'll be able to find menstrual panties in the tampons/absorbents or women's underwear section, along with briefs, boxers and other pairs of underwear.


Some online pharmacies also carry menstrual panties. FarmaciaTei is an example in this regard (pharmaciatei menstrual panties), selling a pair of menstrual panties for 157 Lei.

There are options, you choose the best one for you! :)

Most period panty brands started in the digital environment

If we take a look at our neighbors in Europe, such as France or the UK, we notice that their biggest menstrual underwear brands were born online and continue to sell their products online (either on their own website, or on partner sites). And if we look overseas, at the United States of America, the situation is exactly the same.

We have to admit, we live in a society dominated by digital technology. We have any information a click away.

So are menstrual panties. A few "steps" away from you, on different sites or, if you want to stop "surfing" so much, on our site you can find menstrual panty sets and other useful and interesting information about them.

Take the time to find out which menstrual panties are best for you and choose them. Only then will you realize that you can actually do anything when you're on your period. :)


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