Ce chiloți menstruali să alegi?

Which menstrual panties to choose?

You're familiar with uncomfortable tampons and pads that irritate your private area - so you're here because you want to find a much better, more comfortable and sustainable solution to protect yourself during your period, right?

We understand your frustration, we know how you feel and we want to help you find a pair of period panties suitable for you and your needs.

In this article we will reveal to you what you need to pay attention to when buying reusable pads and reusable menstrual underwear. Let's begin!

Pay attention to the quality of the materials (and especially the certifications)

First in the ranking of the most important criteria of a pair of quality menstrual panties, is the quality of the materials. And here we have a whole arsenal of information.

Menstrual underwear should have at least 2 layers: the absorbent layer that holds the amount of blood, and the outer layer that does not let the liquid stain the clothes. One element you should definitely look at is whether the materials used have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

Libréa menstrual panties are made only from OEKO-TEX certified materials, which in turn come from certified factories. Toss here an eye to discover more details about them, we have information discussed at length. :)

Pay attention to the quality of the materials Libreria Bamboo menstrual panties are very elastic and offer a high level of comfort.

In the absorption standards certification process, Libréa performed 37 absorption tests, on 27 prototypes, with 20 different fabrics. In this way, we can say with certainty that menstrual underwear has a high absorption power of 25 ml (and in a full cycle you lose about 50-80 ml in 5 days). To give you an even clearer idea, on average you lose 13 ml of fluid per day. We also have a video about it:

In addition, we pride ourselves on the fact that Libréa is the first underwear for menstruation manufactured in Romania.

Have you ever had the curiosity to check where your panties are made?

We offer you 4 reasons why you should consider purchasing locally made products:

    1. Not all manufacturers are transparent from this point of view, and this information is essential for quality control. These days you can find underwear at very low prices, produced in Asia under questionable conditions and with not so safe materials. Here's a little-known tidbit: If you see "Made in PRC" on the label, that still means China, in case you thought it wasn't. Local production ensures better working conditions, more transparency and better production control.
    2. You support the local economy. By purchasing our products, made locally, you stimulate the local economy, but also our initiative. We are 2 women from France who want to promote Romania as it deserves because we love this country. We create local jobs and have made a social commitment, promoting 2 NGOs: Iele Sanziene NGO and PE STOP by Irina Vasilescu
    3. Although the "Made in Romania" label is not that popular, we at Libréa believe that local production and tailored clothes for each person improve the relationship with each customer. We strongly believe that this is the future. And we're incredibly proud to be a part of that process.
    4. Communication is much easier and faster. Produced locally, we are always with you in case you want to change the product, need help or want to answer your questions about menstrual panties. :)

You support the local economy | Libreria It is a menstrual panty employed by 2 NGOs: Iele-sanziene and Pe Stop.

The price 

Another important criterion is the price of menstrual panties.

Whether you want to look for menstrual panties from the "pharmacy" or from other brands, you will notice that the price of a pair varies between 80 and 160 Lei.

On our website you will be able to find the most popular menstrual panties for less than 100 Lei, making them affordable for most people. :)

What is the environmental impact of period panties?

The third criterion in the list refers to the environment. Stay tuned, here's some information you probably didn't know.

First of all, we want to mention that all menstrual products have their pros and cons and no product is perfect, but some are less harmful than others.

Tampons and absorbent pads have a major impact on the environment because they are made of plastic (a true enemy of nature). Tampons come wrapped in a plastic package, with plastic threads hanging from the end, and many of them also have a thin layer of plastic on the absorbent side. And after they're used, pads and absorbents end up in landfills before breaking down into microplastics, which pollute our oceans, rivers, beaches and our water supply.

The Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup collected nearly 18,000 used pads and applicators from beaches around the world in a single day in 2004, and since then the amount of period product waste has likely grown with the world's population.

Oh, I think you were saddened to read this information…

But wait, I think you figured out what would be a more environmentally friendly solution. Menstrual panties. :)

What is the environmental impact of period panties? | Libreria Valentina wears a size L menstrual panty that is eco-friendly.

Menstrual panties and reusable tampons are much more environmentally friendly. I already wrote an article on this topic, take a look and here.

All Libréa menstrual panties are produced in Romania, and all materials come from Europe (Turkey, to be exact). One of the major advantages of locally made products is that they tend to be greener for the following reasons:

  • There is no overseas shipping
  • Less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and aquatic ecosystems
  • Deliveries are made quickly to customers (delivery time of Libréa products is less than 48 hours). And, yes, no planes or other crazy solutions. :)
  • Less resource consumption.

In addition, we deliver Libréa products by bicycle in Bucharest, when possible and the weather permits. :)

Comfortable panties that look good too

Ok, ok, period panties are quality, eco-friendly, and affordable, but… do they look good?

At Libréa you have the freedom to choose between simple, black, lace or striped models.

Of course, it is not realistic to think of menstrual panties as transparent underwear, they have the design of boxers. Period protection comes at a cost, however, the Libréa panties won't show through your clothes thanks to SEAMLESS technology. :)

Don't forget customer reviews

And finally, customer reviews are the true mirror of the quality of any product or service. :)

Libréa has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google ( menstrual panties). So before you buy any pair from us, don't forget to take a look at what people who have already tried them have to say.


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