4 motive care te vor convinge să treci la chiloți menstruali

4 reasons that will convince you to switch to menstrual panties

Switching from classic tampons and absorbent pads to menstrual panties brings you numerous advantages: sustainability, health, savings and freedom. Read on and discover them all!

Menstrual underwear is sustainable

Here's a pure truth: menstrual panties are an ideal eco-friendly alternative to tampons and absorbent pads. Let us explain why.

  • There are 13 cycles / year.
  • 28 days the average duration of one.
  • 494 cycles during life.
  • That's 2,470 menstrual days in a lifetime. In short, 7 years.

During menstruation , we use it every month 25 of absorbent pads, reaching a total of 12,350 absorbent pads that we throw away in our lifetime. Can you imagine how happy the Earth would be if we could eliminate (or at least reduce) their numbers?

If you get a few pairs of period panties, you can say "Goodbye!" from tampons and absorbents. You wear one pair, wash one, get another until the first one dries, and so on until the menstrual days are over. How simple, isn't it?

Menstrual underwear is sustainable | Libreria Alina wears the classic menstrual panties in size XL.

Menstrual panties do not have chemicals harmful to health

Intimate absorbents can be a possible danger to your health.

We want to mention that we don't want to make you feel guilty, but you deserve to know a few things about these products that you most likely use month after month.

Have you ever looked at the packaging of absorbent pads to see what materials they contain? If so, you've most likely discovered that you can't find this information. Absorbents are considered medical equipment, and manufacturers are not required to list what they are made of.

"Well, come on, it's only 4-5 days a month, it's not that bad," you might think. But, as I explained to you above, there are 7 years of menstruation throughout your life, days when your highly vascularized and highly permeable skin and vagina come into contact with some dangerous chemicals. We are talking about rayon, an artificial fiber based on cellulose, polyester, polyethylene, adhesives, latex, polypropylene, substances that, once introduced into the body, can produce:

  • hormonal imbalances
  • cancer
  • toxic shock
  • fetal malformations
  • infertility.

And the fibers from the internal tampons often remain stuck to the mucosa after we remove it.

The good thing is that there is Libréa menstrual panties.

Thanks to the materials we use to create them, you are safe and away from any risk of developing toxic shock syndrome or other health problems. Our material is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, an international certification that certifies the non-toxicity of materials both for us and for the planet. Natural fibers are antibacterial and protect you from unwanted infections, even if you wear them for hours.

Aren't they wonderful?

Menstrual panties have no chemicals harmful to health | Libreria Our complete collection allows you to live your period in peace.

Menstrual panties are cheap

And to prove that to you we need a little math. But don't be discouraged, we do all the calculations, and in the end, you still win.

On average, a pack of 10 day pads costs 12 lei, and a pack of 12 night pads costs 15 lei. As a rule, for 5 days of menstruation we will need 20 day pads and 5 night pads. And if we have 500 cycles during our life, this means that we will spend around 8100 lei for day absorbents and 3300 lei for night absorbents.

Which means that you will end up spending approximately 11,500 lei in your entire life on absorbents.

A little too much…

But let's also take a look at the price of the Librea menstrual panties. In terms of cost, the money you'd spend on tampons and pads over the course of an entire year could buy you 3 pairs of Libréa menstrual panties. And since the tampons go straight to the trash after use, at the end of the year you have none left and you have to buy more...so...another money spent.

But if you bought 3 pairs of Librea menstrual panties for the money you would spend on tampons for 1 year, they can be used without problems for 3 years. Which means that for 2 years you are exempt from any expenses for menstrual supplies.

Let it be even simpler: 2 years without spending 1 leu on tampons and absorbents. Do you know what that means? That you will be able to save approximately 5,800 lei throughout your life.

Sounds good? ☺

Menstruation, the key to self-love, freedom, power and confidence

Libréa was born from the desire to revolutionize the way women take care of their intimate hygiene during menstruation.

Over time, menstrual supplies have changed, taking various forms and coming with different benefits. However, their evolution does not stop at tampons, absorbents and menstrual cups.

"We encourage women and new generations. We offer them an alternative to traditional menstrual supplies, an alternative that aims to make women feel good in their own skin, comfortable and, above all, free, in the healthiest and most sustainable way."

Menstrual panties - is our great innovation, being and the first underwear for menstruation manufactured in Romania. We use only the best quality materials: bamboo fibers, natural cotton fibers and microfibers, so you feel your best in your skin on your period.

"Usually, we don't feel good in our own skin when we're on our period. In Romanian there is even an expression that we often use to express that we are on our cycle - "per stop" - meaning that we are literally stopping to manage the situation as best we can. And it doesn't have to be that way."

Menstruation, the key to self-love, freedom, power and confidence | Libreria Elena wears the classic period panties in size M.

You are not "hitchhiking". You are a woman who can feel free from worries, who enjoys every day and for whom menstruation is a friend, not an enemy. You are beautiful. You are full of life. And comfortable in your own skin.

"A customer of ours, after trying it period panties, she told us that she can change this part of her life - the habits she learned from her mother - and that she has confidence in her abilities to change almost anything she wants to."


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