Tot ce trebuie să știi despre slipul menstrual pentru baie

Everything you need to know about menstrual bath briefs

Welcome to the complete guide to menstrual bath briefs! If you've ever wondered how to swim during your period without worrying, then this article is for you. We will answer all your frequently asked questions about this revolutionary product.

1. Will I stain when I wear this menstrual brief? Can women swim when on their period? Do not worry! Contrary to myth, there is no red streak in the pool when you're on your period! Blood cannot flow from the vagina due to the water pressure, but it will start to flow again when you get out of the pool. Only then will the ultra-absorbent and waterproof system of the Librea® menstrual panty take over the flow to absorb it completely.

2. How does it work? We want to keep your comfort and discretion in mind. Therefore, our menstrual bath briefs, with protection its absorbent nature , retains the menstrual flow, which has a different consistency than water. The membrane I chose will prevent blood from seeping through and staining the bathing suit.

Is it really effective? Yes!! For more information: " Swimming during menstruation? "

If you want to know more details about how this menstrual brief works, about the material from which it is made and how to maintain it, we invite you to consult our product page : menstrual brief .

3. Does it swell? No, the menstrual swim panty is designed to be thin and discreet so you can enjoy swimming without feeling like you're wearing anything extra. On the contrary, unlike baby diapers, it's specially designed for use in water, so it won't bulk up in the pool! The technical material was specially selected for this.

4. How to dry it and maintain it? You won't have the feeling of a "wet package" between your legs, because the panty dries quickly and the absorbent layer is not bulky at all. This has been tested and confirmed by our customer reviews from last summer! A smiling woman enjoying the beach carefree, wearing menstrual panties for the bathroom.

A smiling woman enjoying the beach carefree, wearing menstrual panties for the bathroom.

5. When to use it?

Menstrual panties for the bathroom can be used in several situations.

  • You can wear it when you are in doubt whether your period will come or not.
  • While on vacation, it's a great option, giving you an extra swimsuit. If you get your period, the panty is your backup, and if you don't, you can wear it without any problems!
  • You can also use it when you know your period is about to start, to absorb the flow and not have to worry about changing your tampon on the beach!

6. Does it protect against UV rays? Yes, the outer material of the swimsuit is an anti-UV material, protecting your skin while enjoying the sun.

7. How long to use it? The idea of ​​the Librea menstrual swimsuit is to use it instead of your regular swimsuit when you get ready to swim and do exactly as you would a classic swimsuit. You can swim, sunbathe, lie on a sun lounger, get back in the water, etc. The menstrual bath panty is ideal both at the start and end of your period, for a longer period of time, but this will depend on your flow. If you're on a high-flow day and want to swim, use the panty as a "sports" swimsuit and remember to change without waiting too long after you've finished swimming, just as you would after anything sports training!

So, if you want to feel confident and enjoy every moment you spend at the pool, we highly recommend you try the menstrual swim panty. You will not regret!



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