Girl Talk: de vorbă cu Mădălina Andronic

Girl Talk: speaking with Mădălina Andronic

One of our dreams for Libréa is to gather around the brand a handful of cool people, true sources of inspiration, whose values ​​intertwine with ours and who tell our story further, in the characteristic style. And because life has taught us that people educate and influence people, and that nothing compares to an experience shared with those around you, we set out in search of content creators to help us make the Libréa brand known.

That's how I met Mădălina Andronic, an architecturally talented illustrator who conquered eyes and hearts with her unmistakable style. In her art, Mădălina is predominantly inspired by the feminine universe, which is why she accepted with a smile our challenge to create two illustrations with and about the Libréa menstrual underwear. You can admire the final result below, as well as on our social networks.

I spoke with Mădălina and told her about her work, about her sources of inspiration and about her experience with Libréa. Full interview below.

Who is Mădălina Andronic? :)

I've been an illustrator for 10 years, drawing for clients all over the world and in all fields, from magazines and books to fashion and banks :) In parallel, I have an online shop with illustrated goodies (art prints, silk scarves , t-shirts, blouses and books), where I share with lovers of beauty my feminine universe along with the enjoyment of folklore, magic and special destinations.

How did you find out about Libréa and how did your collaboration with this brand begin?

Anouk, one of the founders, has been a client of my store for some time and I was happy when she wrote me to propose a collaboration for her new business: Libréa.

What came to mind when you first heard the story behind the brand Librea?

I have long wanted to collaborate with a brand whose main objective is the physical, intimate and emotional comfort of women. And Libréa seemed to me the perfect project. There is a great need for gentle education and relaxed and friendly communication in this area, especially when I think about the rather strange (sometimes downright unpleasant) experiences that women of our generation have had in their teenage years. the cause of the taboo attitude towards menstruation. So beyond the fact that it offers us, adult women, an alternative, I think it's cool that Libréa also comes to meet children and teenagers who are just starting to know their bodies.

Moreover, I really liked that the two founders made the decision to produce in Romania, although it might have been easier elsewhere. But I think it's a step that will differentiate Libréa in the eyes of the public from other foreign brands, as it happened in my case.

How was the creative process, what were your sources of inspiration and how did you arrive at the final form of the two illustrations?

Anouk and Laurence gave me a very clear brief and we discussed a multitude of possibilities, poses and colors before finalizing the final illustrations. We went through several drafts, chose and adjusted until we felt like we managed to convey the vibe and intentions of Librea as well as possible.

Who is Mădălina Andronic? | Libreria

What inspires you in your everyday life to draw?

Love, folklore, la dolce vita and the feminine universe. I draw a lot of inspiration from my own experiences and my illustrations are pieces of me, my emotions and my affinities.

You tested libréa menstrual underwear ?

If so, what can you tell us about that experience? I tested the Libréa underwear and I really liked them freedom and the safety it provides. I generally use a menstrual cup and I find it a great product in urgent or more special situations: I carry them in my bag in case I'm caught off guard or to double protection for longer periods (traveling or hiking), in case where I don't have access to a clean toilet in time.

What advice do you give to those who end up on the Librea website or on one of the social media pages?

It would be wonderful to share with a friend the discovery of a product that could make their lives more comfortable.

Take care!


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