Girl Talk : de vorba cu Roxana Buzețelu

Girl Talk: talk with Roxana Buzețelu

One of our dreams for Libréa is to gather around the brand a handful of cool people, true sources of inspiration, whose values ​​intertwine with ours and who tell our story further, in the characteristic style. That's how I met Roxana Buzutelu :)

Who is Roxana Buzețelu?

Roxana is a woman, lover, mother, daughter, being, child of the Universe. I don't really define myself, or at least I haven't been able to find any definition that I consistently agree with. In general, I tend to think of myself as a free spirit who can be many things at once or sometimes, when she doesn't feel like it, nothing. I just exist without identifying with "something".

If I were to answer the question from a professional point of view, I would say that I am a man who tries through what he does to inspire people to live life consciously, in harmony with nature.

If I were to go even deeper into the answer, I can answer that "my name is Roxana, the President of the Association Little Joys"

What changes and needs do you see among women in Romania at the moment? Isn't the issue of menstruation still a bit taboo in Romania?

In Romania we still hide our absorbent pad when we have to go to the bathroom in a public space. Or we are ashamed to breastfeed in public. Feminism is a niche movement in Romania and, in contrast, to my great shock, the majority still believe that women must obey men. Worse, to accept domestic violence - physical or emotional.

I have also noticed in the communities I manage that, unfortunately, we are often made fun of for discussing something natural and natural: menstruation and the solutions we have, as women, for this natural and natural thing.

The main problem, in general, as in other directions, is the lack of education. We still think that, for example, sex education is not something we should talk about from an early age, and prefer to say that, magically, the baby was brought by the stork.

That is why I believe that initiatives such as Centrul Filia, Iele-sânziene or the Association Stop, it requires our attention, but also funding to be able to facilitate access to the environments where this kind of initiatives are extremely necessary.

How did you find out about Librea?

I found out about you in a context sustainable . Because, through the initiatives I initiate, I want us to find sustainable alternatives for all areas of our lives. If we were to calculate the environmental impact that menstruation / feminine hygiene products for one person have, we would be shocked.

Personally, I have been using the menstrual cup for more than 3 years. My story is a happy one, because I was "love at first try" and I didn't need other sizes. I'm so comfortable using the cup that there are times when I step into the shower and realize belatedly that I forgot to take it off.

Have you tried Librea menstrual underwear?

I discovered reusable pads and menstrual panties. I prefer panties over absorbent pads, because they don't slip, I don't have any discomfort.

During menstruation, I generally use the cup for the first few days and then the panty for the last days.

What could help women feel better about their bodies?

We are unique, beautiful.

And if I now gave advice to "love yourself the way you are" I would be a hypocrite, because I also have a continuous conversation, a love-hate relationship with myself and my body. I have come to love myself as a person, for my soul, manner and actions, but I am in the process of loving and accepting my body. I think that in the end, in order to have an ok relationship with your body, you have to make a mix between actions that take you in the direction you want, to work with the psyche as well, but also to be gentle with yourself in the process.

What could help women feel better about their bodies? | Libreria
Love yourself as you are. Your appearance does not define your worth!

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to reduce her impact on the environment in Romania?

Regarding sustainability, I think that before giving advice, I would invite them to a moment of reflection, through which they first become aware of the impact they have. Change doesn't happen if it's not integrated, if you don't understand why you're doing it (for you, for the planet) and only after you understand why you have to do certain things do you start looking for the solutions that suit you best.

Till next time, Discover our series of interviews with inspired women!

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