Ziua Internațională a Drepturilor Femeii

International Women's Rights Day

March 8th, the best time to talk together.

How many of you really know what this day means?

  • Women's Day? Well, no! You missed it!
  • New mother's day? No, because nobody brought me breakfast in bed. ☺️

⟿ It is International Women's Rights Day , which originated in March 1917 following a strike by women workers in St. Petersburg.

So, today I would like to talk to you about the right to healthy and responsible menstrual hygiene.

Since this topic affects half of our planet's population, it's time to talk about it and act.

Someone once told me that if this was a man's problem, an innovative solution would have come along a long time ago.

International Women's Rights Day | Libreria

🧐 👉 Which, we have to admit, is far from wrong!

And the right to lighten the mental load, is that what we're talking about?

You know, that superpower we all have, consciously or unconsciously, that makes our brains never rest….

Well, I say that this is also part of the right to more freedom and ease.

❤️ Anyway! But by the way, why should there be a special day to talk about these topics?

What if the other 364 days of the year were also dedicated to women's rights??

Personally, my dream is to improve the everyday life of all women. This is how LIBRÉA came to life!

And you, what is your dream?


Co-founder of Librea


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