Top 3 calendare menstruale pentru urmărirea ovulației și al ciclului menstrual

Top 3 menstrual calendars for tracking ovulation and menstrual cycle

Do you want to know what is the best menstrual calendar? Here you discover 3 free menstrual calendars that help you keep track of your cycle.

Top 3 menstrual calendars for tracking ovulation and menstrual cycle

Anyone who has started their period knows that the whole thing can be a bit complicated, which is why finding a free period calendar is a step worth taking. Even if your cycle is regular, it probably sometimes comes with mood swings, acne, breast pain, and other interesting symptoms.

If you are a person experiencing fertility problems (such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.). understanding your cycle as closely as possible has major benefits. And of course, if you are trying to get pregnant or if you want to avoid pregnancy at all costs, knowing information such as ovulation period can help.

In short, a menstrual cycle calendar can bring you a lot of clarity. Here are the top 3 menstrual cycle apps that you can download on your phone right now.

1. Menstruation Calendar

Menstruation Calendar | Libreria Go through your period with peace of mind with menstrual panties.

Menstruation Calendar is a free app compatible with both Android and iOS. This menstrual calendar app enjoys a 4.9/5 rating with over 6 million reviews on Google Play.

The application is very easy to use, it calculates when your period comes, when you ovulate and which are those days of increased fertility. You can also find out on which days you have a high chance of getting pregnant, giving you the opportunity to check your chance of pregnancy every day, like a diary.


  • Sexual intercourse (with or without a condom)
  • Temperature
  • Notes: to write anything you want
  • Weight
  • Moods (sick, suspicious, depressed, dynamic, discreet, tough, etc.). You can choose from 64 moods.
  • Tablets
  • Birth verification

In addition, in the "My Profile" section you will be able to discover the average length of your cycle, the length of your menstrual cycle and the length of the luteal phase. In addition, the app will send you:

  • Notification to let you know when your period is due (as it calculated the dates after a few months)
  • Menstruation reminder in case you forgot to enter the day you got your period
  • Notice to let you know you need to take the contraceptive pill (if applicable)
  • Fertile period alarm
  • Ovulation alarm
  • Notification to remind you to drink water

This Menstrual and Ovulation Calendar is designed to be your period tracking diary or... a cute secretary that answers "when will I get my next period?" whenever you want, or at least when you should have it.

A menstrual calculator that we recommend is…

2. Flo

Flo | Libreria

Just like the first free menstruation app, and Flo Menstruation Calendar it's free, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. On Google Play it has a rating of 4.8/5, being appreciated by over 2 million people.

Flo is a menstrual cycle calculator, fertility calculator, and pregnancy calculator that provides solid approximations of your menstrual period, ovulation, and fertile period. It is the first menstruation app that uses machine learning.

Whether you have a regular cycle or not, you can rely on this app. You can mark the days of your period in the calendar, schedule notifications for the cycle period, record your symptoms and moods.

In addition, if you are pregnant, you can:

  • See the countdown until the baby is born
  • You are tracking the weeks of pregnancy
  • You choose and change the task from week to week
  • See fetal development
  • You read interesting articles about pregnancy

And, in addition to calculating when your period comes, the application can also function as a lifestyle and fitness calculator by adding:

  • Weight, duration of daily sleep, water consumption
  • Your physical activity
  • Your data from Fitbit, Google Fit, Health App
  • Travel, stress, illness or injury, alcohol consumption
  • Sexual desire, sexual activity and mood every day
  • PMS symptoms
  • Vaginal discharge

And if you want to keep track of your menstrual cycle, period charts are provided so you can keep a history of symptoms, analyze your period duration, relate your menstrual cycle to your appetite and other changes in your menstrual cycle. throughout the months.

3. Tracking menstruation, ovulation

Tracking menstruation, ovulation | Libreria

The latest fertility and ovulation calculator is the app with a suggestive name, Tracking menstruation, ovulation. Free, reliable, compatible with iOS and Android, and with 4.9 out of 5 stars, this is the third best menstrual calendar we recommend.

The interface of the application is nice and attractive, very easy to understand and use. It gives you accurate predictions based on your own menstrual history, and gets more accurate over time thanks to machine learning (AI). In addition, all data can be automatically saved by logging into your Google account.

As with the two apps above, this one also gives you period and fertility reminders, a palette to choose your symptoms from, and weight and temperature charts.

Here are the main features:

  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Menstruation period, ovulation prediction
  • For every day you are given the chances to get pregnant
  • Pregnancy mode for when you become pregnant or terminate a pregnancy
  • Menstruation, Fertility and Ovulation Tracking Notification
  • Supports multiple accounts for tracking periods and ovulation
  • Multiple languages ​​to choose from.

Of course, there are other apps that monitor your menstrual cycle, but we chose these because of their ease of use, positive reviews, and app performance. Feel free to choose the one you want and discover the evolution of your period, the days when there is a high possibility of getting pregnant, the symptoms you have and other information that can help you understand and -you manage your cycle better.


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