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Set of a pair of lace menstrual panties + a reusable absorbent pad

Set of a pair of lace menstrual panties + a reusable absorbent pad

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This set is sure to win the hearts of those business women. You can alternate between the menstrual panty and the reusable pad, or combine both to spend a whole day dry!
  • Reuse for 3 years, don't waste 12K pads
  • You stay healthy, toxin-free
  • Without having to buy absorbent pads
Reusable Absorbent (Flux)
Lace Menstrual Panties | bamboo (Size)
Lace Menstrual Panties | bamboo (Flow)
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Our solution for a stress-free day is right here!

  • Buy without worry! 35 days for refund
  • Delivery in 2 days

Why do we love it?

Have you decided to take the step towards reusable menstrual protection, but don't know which product is best for you?

If you like the feeling of freshness on your private parts, then opt for this set that will allow you to combine reusable panties and absorbent throughout the day.

This package is perfect for:

  • Anyone who needs double protection to be able to end the day with a clear mind. Start your day with the pad on your panties and take it off at lunch!
  • For those who simply want to alternate between menstrual panties and reusable pads during menstruation.
  • Combinations may vary depending on the days of your cycle.


The set comes with:

You can safely test our menstrual panties and our reusable pad, together or separately. You decide how you feel best.

How to use?

You have a busy day, you are on the road or at the office for hours, you have to run here and there, and your period is in your way?

Our solution for a stress-free day is right here!

There are several ways menstrual panties can make such a day easier. One of them is this: you can start the day by wearing a reusable pad over your pair of menstrual panties. When it has absorbed enough blood, or when you feel the need to change it, you can remove it and put it in a waterproof cover until you get home and can wash it.

During the rest of the day, you will only wear menstrual panties that protect you for up to 12 hours! That way, you can go through a full day without worrying that you're on your period, and especially without the fear of getting dirty!

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Librea chiloti menstruali ultra inovatoare

4 layers that protect you

Ultra-innovative materials: guarantee efficiency . In the absorption standards certification process, Libréa passed 37 absorption tests, on 27 prototypes, using 20 different fabrics!

How do we take care of them?

1. Rinse the underwear in cold water and then wring it out slowly.

2. Put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and choose the program for delicate linen. Wash similar colors together.

3. Dry the Librea panties outdoors or in a warm place! Excessive heat can damage fabric fibers.