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Menstrual panties | spring limited edition

Menstrual panties | spring limited edition

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The bikini model with a silky fabric and soft feminine colors, helps you see life in pink during your period (with Libréa). Hurry to add our beautiful color shades to your cart, in limited quantities (peach pink, pink dark , taupe pink and ribbed blue).

Limited edition

Why do we love him?

Tehnologia noastră fără cusături, din microfibră moale, permite colecției noastre de primăvară de chiloți menstruali să fienesesizabili sub haine, super confortabili și elastici.


How is it used?

Poartă-ți perechea Libréa zi și noapte, până la 12 ore. 

Adaptează durata purtării în funcție de fluxul și stilul tău de viață.

Profită de perechea ta Libréa care absoarbe toate tipurile de scurgeri înainte și în timpul menstruației. Fii liniștită pe o durată mai lungă decât soluțiile tradiționale, chiar și pentru incontinența ușoară în afara menstruației.

Ca și în cazul lenjeriei tale obișnuite, schimbă-ți perechea după 12 ore pentru a-ți proteja igiena intimă.

Pot fi folosiți în combinație cu un absorbant reutilizabil sau o cupă menstruală.

💧 Spală culorile asemănătoare împreuna.

100% satisfied

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  2. ⏪ 35 de zile drept de retur
  3. ✅ Plata 100% sigur
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Which period panties for which flow?

Moderate Flow | Absorption: 9 ml = 2 pads or 1 menstrual cup. Ideal at the beginning and end of the cycle, for menstrual blood, white discharge and white spots.

Abundant Flow | Absorption: 15 ml = 3-4 pads or 2 menstrual cups. Ideal if you change your tampon every 4 hours or even more often.

  • Take care of our planet!

    Do you want to keep throwing away a product you've only worn for a few hours...? By switching from classic absorbent pads to Libréa menstrual panties, I contribute to protecting the environment by significantly reducing the number of tampons or absorbent pads consumed. And they are also made in Romania!

  • Stay healthy!

    Libréa panties do not contain toxins that come into direct contact with your body, unlike regular absorbent pads that contain endocrine disruptors and are full of chemicals. With Libréa, you are safe and away from any risk of developing toxic shock syndrome or other health problems caused by internal tampons.

  • Reduce expenses and feel comfortable too!

    The lifetime of menstrual panties is at least 3 years, without the need to buy tampons or absorbents. This way, you save the money you would have spent month after month on tampons and absorbent pads.

  • 1 | Rinse the underwear in cold water and then gently wring it out.

  • 2 | Put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and choose the delicates program. Do not use bleach or fabric softener!

  • 3| Dry your Librea panties outdoors or in a warm place!

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