Menstruation. Incontinence. Perspiration. Postpartum.

With the Libréa menstrual underwear, you can say "goodbye" to the usual tampons and absorbents, feeling good in your own skin #menstruation! You can use them at home or at work, day or night, at rest or during training.

Made from organic cotton using an innovative 3-layer anti-leak technology . Libréa menstrual panties keep you fresh, dry and protected from stains. Perfect for medium to heavy flow.

Where are Libréa panties made?

We care deeply about the well-being of the planet. Therefore, we set out to have the smallest possible ecological impact through everything we do.

That is precisely why the materials we use for the manufacture of Librea menstrual panties originate from Europe (mainly Italy and Belgium) and Turkey.

Libréa menstrual panties are manufactured in Romania, in an eco-friendly factory, and the entire assembly process is carried out by some talented and wonderful Romanian tailors.

Mihaela and Libréa, it is a beautiful story of the soul. We met in the spring of 2021 in Bucharest. We immediately shared the same values. Mihaela is the angel behind every Libréa prototype!

What level of protection should I choose?

An average flow is between 30 and 50 ml. An abundant flow is between 50-80 ml. Just like women, each menstrual flow is unique. We have noticed that the Libréa panties are worn for a longer period of time than any other traditional solution, without problems of leakage or discomfort.

May they be as pure as your flow and lifestyle allows!

Libréa menstrual panties can absorb up to 15ml of blood, the equivalent of 3-4 classic tampons. We invite you to try them and carefully observe how they behave during your period.

For us, health, safety and transparency are aspects by which we guide our entire activity. We chose the best and quality materials!

Premium QUALITY fabrics, Oeko-Tex® certified (label that guarantees the absence of toxins or chemicals) to avoid allergies and irritations.

  • Bamboo fibers

    Antibacterial material that allows the skin to breathe.

  • Organic cotton fibers

    It guides the blood towards the absorbent layer. It's smooth and gentle on your skin without feeling wet.

  • Microfiber

    They are naturally super absorbent. This layer has the role of collecting and retaining blood.

  • Impervious

    It acts as a barrier between the second layer and the clothes you wear, keeping you away from unwanted stains.

It is very important to understand what happens in our body during menstruation.

Know your body!