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Do you know that your girlfriends feel the same way you do during your period? The best way to change a taboo is to talk about it :)

We need you, even more, we want you on our side! Since the first day, we have built the brand together with you, and today we want to go further on this path.


Become our ambassador, write your story with us!

I'm in! #girlpower!

What to do?

  1. Get your 15% promotional code: Click here
  2. Spread the word: Talk to your girlfriends about Libréa menstrual panties and send them your discount code
  3. Your girlfriends love your idea: Therefore, they command at least a Librea product and thus save 15%
  4. Take advantage of your gift: With three orders using your promo code, you automatically receive a pair of menstrual panties as a gift
  5. Return to step 2 to receive other gifts

What to do? | Libreria You can get a menstrual panty or accessories and promo codes.

Um, nice but... What can I tell them?

It's your words and experience that matter, being the most important! This is your safe and lie-free zone!

⭐ The more friends you recommend, the more menstrual panties you win! ⭐

4 reasons that will convince you to try menstrual panties:

  • 🕊️ Enjoy more freedom + less stress! Stop being afraid of unwanted spots and irritations. Librea menstrual panties offer you up to 12 hours of guaranteed protection, without smell or wet feeling. One pair of panties = 4 normal pads/absorbents.
  • 💰 Reduce expenses and feel comfortable too! The lifespan of menstrual panties is at least 3 years, without the need to buy tampons or absorbent pads.
  • 🦠 You maintain your health, without toxins coming into contact with your body! You know disposables contain endocrine disruptors and are full of chemicals we can't even pronounce the names of...
  • 🌱 Take care of our planet! Do you want to keep throwing away a product you only wore for 3 hours... ?

👉 Do you want to become a Librea ambassador? Click here to receive your voucher, and forward it to your friends!

Share the #Libreagurl campaign to your friends on your Facebook or Instagram page! This program will run until the end of January 2023 in Romania.

Have the best day! Anouk


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